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We work as a TEAM in Thailand and also in other Asian countries. Followings are the persons involved in various programs:

    Ms Sukanya is the Coordinator of See-Thailand Program. She studied Social Development in Khon Kaen University and National Institute for Development Administration, Thailand. She has worked for various organizations including Center for the Protection of Children Rights (CPCR) and the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). She is a social worker and has an experience of working with volunteering organizations since 1996 e.g. Teaching and Projects (UK), Abroad and i-to-i based (UK), Praktikawalten (Germany), and few other companies.

    Mr Kai: Coordinators for community development and homestay for language and culture program in Thailand. They are professional and local couple who organize the volunteers program in Ayuthaya, Thailand.
    In addition to above mentioned personnel, we have few more staff hired on part-time basis such as a driver, tour guide and others.

    In each country, we have a Country Coordinator; namely
  1. Mr. Komang in Bali,
  2. Mr Srinat in Cambodia,
  3. U Myao in Myanmar,
  4. Mr Balram in Nepal.

    Note: Please contact us, if you are also interested in going yourself or sending your clients to other Asian countries. We work with various public and private institutions and we have academicians as partners for the following programs and locations:
  5. English teaching in Chitwan & Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. Teaching monks in Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Internship in Chitwan
  8. Turtle Conservation and teaching in Bali, Indonesia
  9. Working in Orphanage in Myanmar
  10. Teaching as an intern or volunteer in Ayuthaya, Thailand.

Our support services:

We strongly believe on the quality of service which is the only basis for the survival and expansion of our business. These services are:

I. Pre-arrangement of the accommodation and the placement: We search the best projects/placements in the local areas. Discuss with their authorities, develop it and send you the details of the placement and host families or hostels about at least three weeks before you fly from your country.

II. Visa: We send you an invitation letter for proper visa (Non-F) application. In case, if you can not arrange it, you can come as a tourist (if you are a citizen of US, Canada, Japan, European countries, Australia and New Zealand) then we take care of the rest.

III. Airport pick-up and orientation: You will be picked-up by our staff at the airport and driven straight to a hotel for a night/day to recover jet lag. In some cases, we may take you straight to placements and host families depending upon the situation and your choice.

Registration and orientation and briefing about placement, Thai culture, DO’s and DON’Ts, and work, while having meals and brief local area tour.

IV. Insurance: Your air ticket covers flight insurance. If you need, we can arrange insurance for the period of work and travel with us. Necessary documents will be prepared before arrival and sent for processing after you sign on it. The insurance policy covers life, accidents and medical expenses, and is accepted by at least one hospital in each province of Thailand.

V. Work Schedule:

A supervisor at the project is assigned who can speak English to guide/help you.

Work schedule – placement supervisor/our staff will prepare and give it to you after discussing with you about your interest and experience.

  • Average working hours: may range from 16 - 20 hrs/wk (3-4 hrs/day)
  • Working days – Monday to Friday
  • In case of teaching – 50 minutes/class with 10 min break
  • Office hours: 8 am – 4 pm
  • Frequent visit from us to discuss with you in person about the arrangements.

    VI. Week-end activities:

    You will be free during weekends - you can plan for travel with either other volunteers, project staff, host families, their relatives or other local friends.

    Other times, you will meet other volunteers for during dinner and drinks especially on Friday night and plan trips for weekend to Ko Samet, Cha-Am or Hua Hin beaches, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pataya and Phuket and other islands for relax as a tourist during week ends or longer holidays.

    VII. Other holiday activities: Basically you will be free during public holidays. You may join staff at the placements with English clubs, camping, trips etc.

    VIII. Traveling after work: You may want to travel and see more places after work. It costs 50-100US$/week for food and accommodation. You will need about 15 US$/trip (one-way) by train or bus to go to the longest distance from and to Bangkok. You can go to Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia as a tourist. You don’t need any visa for Malaysia but you will need to pay 30US$ for Cambodia or Laos for visa to get at the border (visa-on-arrival). You can go to even Vietnam but you will need a visa which is you will get within a day from Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok. Air fare ranges from 150 to 200 US$ if you want to go to neighbouring countries by plane. We can provide other information/ suggestions about the places and countries to visit, detail information and full support in the case of emergency, visa application & extension and other information.

    IX. Departure: You will get a letter from your placement that confirms your contribution to and/or work experience at the placement. Our local partners at placement normally arrange “Farewell Program/ Party" the night before or other day depending upon the situation. If necessary, we arrange one-night stay at a hotel/apartment near airport & provide transport to the airport.

    X: Upon completion: After-wok you have finished your volunteering work with us, you can send us feed back and even join our network to become a representative for your town/area so that you can help us recruit more volunteers.

    How to apply?

      Click on the "Apply Now" button of the navigation bar. Fill-up the application form and click to send. We will respond within 1-2 days.

    Thank you for you time. If you have further query please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • For more information write to us:

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