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Give your free time to the kids who have missed their mother's love! Caring such kids be turning point of your life, and their lives.
Child Care
Child Care
Item#: CA-AB
$250.00, 2/$400.00, 3/$550.00, 4/$700.00

This program offers volunteers to work in the poorer communities to assist in caring their children of age 3-6 yrs. Volunteers/interns can play with the kids, sing, dance, painting, drawing etc depending upon the skills they have. At the same time, they will be helping them taking food, showering, and sleeping.

Normally you will be working in Child Development Centers or child care centers. These centers are for physical and mental development at early ages (3-6 yrs).

Child care shelters have specialists to accomplish these broader objectives of child development. Although, our volunteers are not experts, they can be involved in some activities with those specialists to help and learn as well. Please specify in your application about your interest and experiences so we can choose the appropriate group of children and the place for you and we will send you the detail of the placements, works and others.

We also have an ORPHANAGE in Myanmar near Yangon where nearly 1,000 orphans are living and studying in a shelter managed by a temple. Please select Myanmar Orphanage from the top menu.

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